Combining Aspects of Fitness

When it comes to fitness there are all sorts of modalities and areas to train and develop through your fitness journey. With this, there are even more opinions on how you should train to improve specific aspects areas of fitness to get the best result. So I'm going to try my best to give my thoughts on the topic.

To start off with I am going to break down this topic to make it easier to understand. I'm going to focus on purely functional fitness(CrossFit). In functional fitness, we can break down the core aspects into cardiovascular conditioning, gymnastics and strength. I could break it down further than that but to keep it simple we will stick with these three modalities.

When we look at high-level athletes they like to cycle through these three aspects focusing on building up one at a time to gain the best performance that they can. This works especially for athletes that can dedicate a lot of time focusing on one aspect while maintaining the other two. If you have the ability to dedicate a large amount of time to training (2-3 hours a day) then trying to build one aspect of your training up at a time can be very effective.

But for most of us, training is more about fun than seeing improvements all over the board. Because of this, I recommend that training should involve a mix of everything, this does not mean, however, that you can't pick something that you enjoy and try and build-up on that. for example, if you want to increase your strength then try and fit a lifting session or two into your sessions. This is a very basic analogy of but the principle can apply to all areas. If you are trying to work around class programming or the FFC program there will still be chances to squeeze in an extra bit to your programming.

If you are wanting to progress to the next level then picking what you sprinkle into your training well. Nobody likes to train their weaknesses and that's usually why they are weaknesses. So let's try and make it as fun as possible. For example, wall balls were a movement that I did not enjoy. Because of this, I tried my best to throw in wall balls into formats I enjoyed to build up my endurance and tolerance and endurance with them. This has now lead to wall balls being a movement that I like to see come up in programming because I know I have the capacity to do them now.

This principle can apply to most aspects of our sport and that is one of the reasons it is so amazing. If strength is something that you need to work on and you are a cardio monster do workouts that involve some heavy barbell movements between cardio pieces. If your strength is not an issue but gymnastics is. Super setting strength with gymnastics is a great way to maintain one skill while working on another. You can chop and change this format a lot to fit your needs but the key is to have fun with your training.

Progressing in this sport is one of the key aspects that keeps everyone in it evolving to new levels. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have fun with your training while you're at it. From personal experience, the more fun you have with your training the more you will improve and the more satisfaction you will be with the results.


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