Fitness Friday - Evaluating Your Goals to Stay Focused

Last week we talked about setting goals in lockdown! This week we are going to talk about how to stay focused on those goals!

Setting goals is great and really helps you target your training and focuses you on what you want to achieve. But there are times where you feel like your goals are getting harder and harder to achieve and the temptation to give up, starts to creep in. This is where the focus is lost!

So how do we concur this feeling and push past these thoughts that try to slow us down?

It's never simple but there are ways to get around losing focus. To start if your goals feel impossible then you need to add intermittent goals before achieving the main goal. I went through this last week and talked about trying to set goals in small chunks to achieve something bigger. But some times what you think was an easy goal may not always be as easy as you thought.

That doesn't mean that you should give up!

It means you need to evaluate! Some times it's not the goal that is the problem, its the approach. Other times it's not the approach, it's the goal you set was actually ridiculous.

Once you have evaluated you can make changes to improve.

If the approach is the problem then you should start by seeking help. this can be done by researching movements yourself or asking a professional coach to help you improve your training. Say if your goal is to get your first pull up and you have tried everything you think you need to get it but it's just not happening. This is the point you need to evaluate your approach and seek help. In this situation especially, I would recommend finding a good coach to help you.

With specific movements, little changes can make a big difference and you may not be able to find these tips through research. With so many ways to improve on movements and everybody having different body types it hard to find one way to improve on any movement. Not just pull ups.

If you think the goal is the problem then mix it up. Set a few easier goals that will build to what you want to achieve. Setting goals is a lot harder than you would think and it takes some experimenting to get it right. Sometimes your goals just need a small tweak to make them great for you.

But maybe you achieved your goals, maybe you have improved but then Bob on Instagram goes and hits a PB clean and jerk seemingly without any extra training. That can seem soul-destroying at the time. But that is where your attitude should change!

Some people would see that and want to give up as they feel like they could never reach that level. Others will see it and say well that's my weakness I'm not going to be as good as Bob.

But that is not the mindset you should have. A focused mind will see other peoples achievements and use them as motivation. If you are focused you should be thinking about what can I do to be like Bob. How can I make my training more efficient to beat Bob in the future?

This is another form of evaluation that can really help you stay focused. If you use other people as motivation instead of a negative influence than you will see a great improvement in your ability and training methodology.

Focus is defiantly a mind game, try your best to find motivation form around you and use others as inspiration to what you do. The best way to improve it to feed off of other people and use them as an inspiration to move forward. While in lockdown it's hard to find the drive to keep moving and keep improving. You may not have your training buddies with you all the time but that does not mean you can't feed off everyone else.

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