Fitness Friday - Setting Goals in Lockdown

While in lockdown, it's hard to find the motivation and the drive to keep training and keep progressing on your fitness journey. When you don't have all the equipment that you are used to and your training buddies aren't around trying to push yourself and make yourself do horrible workouts.

So how can we get around this?

One of the best ways is to set goals that are achievable and attainable with what facilities you have got. This is a simple concept but when you are trying to work out on your own it is hard to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.

To conquer this you need to be sensible with the goals you set out to achieve. When setting goals start small if you struggle to do high volumes of press-ups set an EMOM for yourself when you have to achieve a certain number every minute.

for example

EMOM 10 Minutes

8 press-ups

This is a simple way to improve a skill without having to achieve a more specific goal. Your goal then turns into a workout that you can gradually improve on. This means that instead of being discouraged by not achieving a specific amount of reps you can be happy to finish the EMOM and also gain some strength in that movement.

By setting your goals through this method you will continue to improve and have a set exercise to do every week. By setting up this kind of workout and having set day that you complete it you start to get back a bit of your routine for training.

If you are struggling for ideas there are many things that you can improve on that don't involve any equipment. Everyone has the ability to run and there are a lot of aspects that you can improve upon, speed, time and distance. Pick one aspect and try to develop on it, once you have achieved your target try to develop another aspect of running.

There are also many gymnastic movements that can be worked on without needing a rig or rings. When it comes to pulling movements you can progress with lat rates and bent over rows. Bent over rowing movements with household items. But gymnastics movements consist of any bodyweight movement whether it is squats or press-ups. The gymnastic movements are perfect for EMOM's as they challenge you to maintain high volumes while under fatigued. This is why they are perfect for setting goals for you to achieve.

Another great goal to achieve during this time is to improve your mobility. Stretching is a low effort but great to goal to set yourself. You don't have to have a target of stretching a certain distance, all you have to do is set yourself a volume of time you will stretch for a day a get loose. When you get back to the gym you will be grateful for your ability to move well and with comfort.

Goal setting doesn't have to be hard, you just have to be sensible. To keep motivated keep your goals achievable and gradually progress them. Don't feel like you need to push yourself to the limits straight of the bat be smart and keep training.

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