How to get a PB!

So this is my best three tips to get that next weight on your lifts and the fastest approach to do this. I can't guarantee that after reading this you will go to the gym and hit some monster lifts but it will hopefully give you a good perspective on how to approach PB's.

First Step: Analyse Your Movement.

So this is can be done in a few ways. First, you should look at your lifts as you build through the weights. At low weights technique should be good and corrections can be made to lift as efficiently as you can. As you build up in weight look to see if there are any changes that occur. This could be related to weakness or lack of confidence in your technique.

If it is due to weakness then you have something to target either with accessories or bigger compound movements.

If you have a lack of confidence then try and focus on the areas that are breaking down as you lift to try to correct issues as they occur. A great way to conquer this is to work positionally on movements. Force yourself to hold uncomfortable positions and maintaining good weight balance and core stability.

Step Two: Work Close to Your Max.

You can't expect to get big PB's if you don't work close to your current max. This is a great way to make gain confidence under weights and build strength while you train. Low reps and with more sets is a great way to build muscle and strength while also conditioning your body to support heavy weights while under fatigue.

This will also build your confidence at lifting under load. For a lot of people, this is something that they struggle with and put them off lifting heavy on a regular basis. This is a fear that is best-faced head-on and conquered as fast as possible. If you have confidence the 80% range then you will have a better chance of trusting your tekkers when going fo a PB.

Step Three: Do Your Accessories.

Accessories help you build up all of the sport muscles that will fire put to help you get your PB's. When hitting a PB you will have a higher chance of getting slightly out of position. If you have worked on your accessories you will have the strength and stability to reposition yourself to complete a lift. Whereas a lack of accessorising work will increase your chance of injury and missing a lift.

Focus on your weakness and try to develop your stabilisers in your hips, shoulders and core. These are the muscles that will aid you most in progressing towards a PB and also helping you through all of your goals.


PB's don't come overnight but doesn't mean they have to be few and far between. Continuing your training developing your skills is always the best way to go to get PB's. But there are always little things that can help you along the way. Have confidence in your ability and commit to all of your lifts and make sure you train with a purpose.


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