My Coaching Philosophy

As my first post and note to this new sight, I would like to overlay some of my core principles and thoughts on coaching and my coaching style and approach. This also gives me a chance to show you how my way of thinking could help benefit you and your training.

As a coach, I have had the chance to view and see how different coaching styles and approaches can result in different outcomes for a client and their needs. I have helped people increase weights in lifts, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and learn new gymnastics skills. Because of this, I have developed an honed my style of coaching and programming to get the most out of all my clients and athletes and means that I am capable of helping any potential clients no matter their personal ability.

My style of coaching is based on breaking down fundamental skills into manageable, learnable and functional aspects. This way you can build up from a solid base that will stick with you and give you good focus on how to perform movements. This approach means that even when completing movements under load of fatigue form does not break down. To achieve this, progression will build upon good movement patterns and maintaining form. This style of coaching means that you learn and progress with skills and movements faster without spending to much time on progressions that don't build specifically on your needs to achieve your goals.

Due to my approach to coaching, I have the ability to progress my clients in the right direction as fast as possible. My aim is not to get clients to rush through skills but to develop them properly so that they are maintained and trained even outside of my coaching sessions.


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