Talk It Out Tuesday - 501KG

Talk it out Tuesday is a day late but that doesn't mean it's not here. This week we have to talk about Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and his 501kg deadlift.

If you missed this amazing feat of strength then you are missing out.

The 500kg deadlift record set by Eddie Hall back in 2016 was the first time a human had lifted a half-ton and that record stood for 4 years. During that time 5 people had attempted to break the 500kg mark but none had succeeded until now.

Of course with any record of this standard, there was a lot of controversy around especially during these interesting times. The main controversy was sparked up by Eddie Hall, The previous record holder, over the fact that this feat of strength was performed outside of completion and at his home gym. This was not originally meant to be the case but because of the lockdown around the world, the event that Hafthor was meant to break the record could not be held. But this wasn't going to stop Thor or Rouge going for the world record.

To make sure that the attempt was as legitimate as possible Hafthor and his crew made sure to stick to usual competition standards and format. All plates were weighed before being placed on the bar. There were professional judges to confirm the lift and the bar and platform where all regulation.

Because of this, the lift was confirmed as a record and an easy record at that. The speed that thor moves the bar is mind-bendingly impressive. When Eddie set the record back in 2016 with a very impressive pull but you could tell that it took all of his will power to move the bar. This was shown by the after mat that Eddie when through and talks about in this video.

Hafthor, on the other hand, made the lift look like a warm-up lift on the way to a max lift. this isn't to say that the pull was easy for him. You could tell by the expression on his face and the reduction in speed after passing the knee that this was not an easy lift for him. At the same time, the aftermath showed the level of extension. not only did thor not collapse and stay on his feet. He performed an interview almost immediately after calling out Eddie Hall for a boxing match that promptly got accepted by Eddie. This will defiantly a spectacle to witness but not what I want to focus on today.

The big question is will he go for more?

In a statement he made before completing the 501 deadlifts. Hafthor said that he would attempt 520kg if he managed to get 200,000 followers on twitch. Unfortunately, this did not happen and I reckon this is due to the fact the twitch is a platform more for gamers that the fitness industry but I think will be picked up more as time goes on. If you want to follow Hafthor on twitch follow him here.

But because of this statement and his performance on the 501kg deadlift, I truly believe that he has got it in the tank. I'm sure when lockdown is lifted and competitions are back on he will be back and he will go for the 520kg. I think that he wants to assert himself as the strongest man ever. Beating the record by 1kg just puts him on par with Eddie because I'm sure if 501kg was Eddie's target he would have got it. this is why I think Hafthor will go for 520kg. To make sure the strangest man ever goes to him and cannot be disputed in any way.

All in all, Hafthor is an incredible human. I think there will be very few people that can rival his dedication and commitment to the sport of strongman. After lockdown I hope that he attempts more than 501kg in competition. That way there will be no doubt and there will be no question that Hafthor is the strongest man alive and the strongest man who has ever lived.

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