Talk It Out Tuesday - CrossFit Teams

With the world starting to adapt to the situation we are in at the moment, some competitions are starting to be organised and set up. The CrossFit Games has already gone through there planes to host the games with a limited field of individuals and that means we will see no teams at the games this year.

But this doesn't mean we won't see the best CrossFit teams in the world compete!

CrossFit hero Rich Froning announced last week that he will be hosting a competition for all the teams that have already qualified for the Games. Mayhem Madness is going to be held in Cookeville, Tennessee at Froning's home gym. The plan is for the event to be held in august but no set time has been arranged yet.

This event has been set up to celebrate the teams that have already qualified for the CrossFit Games but won't get the chance to compete at the games. The nine teams that qualified through the games through sanctional events will be offered a spot to compete. On top of that, there will be three spots available for teams to qualify through an online process.

This is great news for all of the teams that have put the work in to get to there spot to the Games. Not only that but it means for teams that haven't qualified yet still have a chance to get the time in the spotlight.

The event is being hosted by Rich Froning who is the team captain for team CrossFit Mayhem. Because of this, he has announced that the workouts are going to be previous games and regional workouts that will be modernized. This comes as he made comments on how he does not trust other peoples programming for team events so it will be good to see what events he comes upon with to challenge the teams.

With the event being held in Tennessee it means that some of the restrictions that are being enforced around the rest of the world are reduced. Tennessee is one of the first states in America that has started opening up business as usual including restraints bars and gyms. This is what makes it possible for this competition. But like the Games, it's not just the place that the event is being held that is the problem. It's whether the competitors can actually get to the event.

I do hope that this event can take place and has all the teams and participants as planned. This will be a great step to getting the community motivated to start training together again. I look forward to the chance to start competing again and challenging myself on the competition floor.

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