Talk it out Tuesday - Whats Going on With the CrossFit Games

With the world in the state that it is it hard to tell what's going on with anything. The CrossFit Games is a prime example of that.

There is a lot going on with the games that you may or may not have heard.

Firstly the games are planned to be held in Aromas, California, the birthplace of the games. This is a change from Madison, Wisconsin where the CrossFit Games have been held for the past 2 years. This change has been made so that the games can still be held whilst following government guidelines in America. But because of the change in location, there will be another big change to the field of athletes for the second year

Last year the CrossFit Games made a massive change to the way athletes qualified for the CrossFit Games. They introduced a new system that allowed the top 20 athletes from the open and the top athletes from each eligible country to qualify for the games. This expanded the field massively as the usual field size before that point going to the games consisted of 40 men and 40 women. Last year that went up to 123 men and 117 women.

As well as this, the Games swapped regionals for sanctionals. These where select CrossFit competitions around the world where athletes could qualify for the games. These events gave athletes a second chance to qualify for the games if they didn't make it through the open.

The plan for this year was for the same qualification methods to apply. But then the world had other plans.

This year to keep the field size small there will only be the top 20 males and top 20 females from the open qualifying to the games. This is a bit of a disappointment for any athletes that finished top in their country as it means their chance to get to the games will have to wait till next year.

But for some, they did get a second chance as before the world went into lockdown there where 10 sectional events that took place. The top athletes out of those events still get their ticket to the games.

This means we will see a field of 30 men and 30 female, hopefully, at the CrossFit Games. However, there is the limiting factor that the athletes that have qualified for the games have to get there in the first place. This could be tricky if the travel bans do not get lifted before the games start. The planed time for the games at this point is for it to be held between the 10th of October and the 11th of November but there is no set time given yet.

The good thing so far is that we know there will be a 2020 games or at least it seems that way at this point. What could be interesting is who the field consists of. There is a chance that we could have an almost all American field at this year's CrossFit Games. But at this point, only time will tell.

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