What Programs are coming!

Programs are coming and they are going to be big!!

The 8 weeks pull up program is the first set plan that people can buy to achieve there first pull up. Coming soon though will be the monthly paying plans, and they are going to be amazing.

If you need an extra bit training incentive then the RX training plan will be great for you. This plan will be inclusive but challenging and will make you an amazing athlete. With 5 sessions a week that you can mix and match around your week you have the ability to make you training fit your time scale.

If your looking for a more advanced program Then the elite program will be for you. incorporating high skill gymnastics, heavy barbell cycling and 2 sessions a day to give you the elite level training that you will need to be the best athlete that you can be.

All programs will be at a great price for you to achieve all your goals and will be great to look out for.


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