Why pause squat?

Pause squats are one of my favourites progressions and accessories for my squats at the moment. I try and fit in a lot of pause squats into my training and the athletes that I coach training. Doing pause squats has some huge benefits to both your overall strength in the squat and with making sure that your positioning is as good as it can be. through this post, I am going to go through some of the amazing benefits of adding in pause squats to your squat cycle and how they can help beginners to squats all the way up to high-level squatters.

Pause squats are a great place to start when first squatting or when coming back from injury. They have a huge benefit of making sure you get your body into the right position to squat as efficiently and safely as possible. when justs tarting with pause squats its great to keep the weight low and feel where your body is in the squat. Make sure that your hips are stacked over your feet, knees are over your toes and thoracic spine is extended.

Once you have the position nailed you can start building up the weights. When building up the weights make sure you keep a solid pause at the bottom. What can happen when pause squats start to get heavy is you can add a little bounce at the bottom. Try and avoid this as much as possible. The bounce at the bottom shows a lack of control and a break down of form and position. To prevent this and show control to the bottom position and maintain a tight core and good pelvic position. This is crucial when first starting to build the weight in pause squats to build support in your hips and control through your squats.

Like I mentioned earlier, pause squats are a great accessory movement. The support that they build through the full range of motion through the squats and help build control in the movement. As you build the weight control becomes key to set your self in the most efficient position to drive out of the squat. One of the hardest challenges with pause squats is maintaining an upright chest and driving out of the midfoot. if the chest drops the weight will shift forward causing a compromising hip hinge. If this does happen to drop the weigh down and build up your core stability to maintain a good squat position.

To round things up, pause squat. Even if you squat on a regular basis the conditioning that they build up has great carried over to strength, stability and position. They also have a huge benefit if you are new to the movement as they teach you great for and positional awareness that is crucial when learning a new movement.


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