Workout Wednesday: 7 Minutes of Burpees

Burpees, you either love them or hate them and its fair to say that I really hate them.

7 minutes of burpees is a very effective workout at working on your burpee ability, cardio and pacing.

If you haven't done this workout or haven't heard of it, this workout was first introduced in the 2012 CrossFit open as the first open workout 12.1. If you are looking to see what the best scores were: for the men Scott Panchik came in first with a score of 161 on the men's side and Kristan Clever got a score of 143. Both of these scores are very impressive and Panchiks performance smashed the rest of the field.

So know you have a bit of background on the workout lest talk about my experience with it.

Like I mention, I hate burpees, weighing close to 90kg I'm not the lightest and that doesn't help with burpees (saying this Scott weighs 85kg so I can't really use that as an excuse.) So that just means that I'm not great at burpees.

I did this WOD as part of an in house competition while in quarantine. So when it came to completing this workout I had the mindset of trying to push as hard as I could. This was a mistake. This workout is all about pacing and trying to be tactical with your approach. Treat it as an EMOM and pick a number that you want to try and get. I did this but was ambitious with my target. I aimed for 20 and only achieved this for the first 3 minutes and then went downhill hard form there. In the end, I ended up with a score of 112. What I should have done is pick a comfortable number that I could have comfortably achieve and then try and pick up the pace towards the end of the workout.

So what should you do?

That all depends on your strengths and weaknesses. If you are like me and hate burpees but have a bit of fitness on your side. Learn from my mistakes. Pick a sensible number to EMOM at the start. Don't go to fast at the start and give yourself a little bit of rest at the end of the minute. This way you should have a bit of energy in the tank to push harder at the end.

If you are a burpee machine then you can up the EMOM number and try and maintain a consistent no stop burpee pace the whole way through. If you are good at burpees a target of 20 burpees a minute is defiantly possible but a challenge and you will get a score of around 140 which would be very impressive.

What if you're new to this burpee business. Then you can use this as a test set your self a burpee target somewhere between 10 and 15 reps per minute and try your best to stick to it. If you find that you can breathe throughout but you are struggling to actually burpee then it shows that you need to work out your burpee ability. If cardio is a problem then you know what you need to do. Get working on that cardio. Either way, don't be afraid to complete a few burpees workouts in your week the only way you will improve is by doing them.

I hope that this has been a useful blog post for you. Hopefully, you have got a little bit more info on how to approach 7 minutes of burpees and you can have a better chance of increasing your score on this workout.

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