Workout Wednesday - Goodbye Calves

Today's workout is a burner!

Its a really simple workout that challenges your double under and also your mental strength to keep moving. The focus is on your ability to move for the whole workout and challenge your cardiovascular capacity.

The workout is:

500 double under for time

Every Minute on the Minute

5 thrusters 45kg/25kg

Another workout that has simple movements that make it a challenge to not stop. The double unders are a great movement to test your engine because of the way that the can keep moving on them you just need to push your cardio to its limits. With this, the light thrusters give you a feel of getting your breath back while blasting your legs resulting in a serious leg pump that you wouldn't expect.

I'll go through the scaling options first nice and quick then I will go through the best strategies to go for. For the double unders, these can always be changed for single unders. Like usual I recommend that do loopy singles over speed singles. This is to help you progress and get closer to being able to do double unders in the future.

For the thrusters, you can always lower the weight if you currently have the option to use a barbell. But the weight is already low so should be doable for most people. If you don't have a barbell, then you can do the thrusters with a kettlebell or dumbbell. Still do 5 reps and change arms each minute.

When it comes to an approach for this workout you need to pick a double under number and stick to it. For me, I chose 50 reps. This number came due to 50 reps taking around 35 seconds giving me a 25-second buffer per round and a projected time of finishing at 10 minutes.

However, I started with a bigger set on my first round. On round one I completed 70 double unders. This was to give myself a buffer period just incase I slowed down towards the end. This buffer came in handy because on round 3 I tripped to many time and only completed 40 reps and on round 5 I completed 40 reps as a reset. On the rest of the rounds, I competed 50 reps per round. This was true until around 10 where I tripped twice and only got 44 reps meaning I was 6 reps off finishing the workout under 6 reps.

I finished at 10.26 which was the result of me tripping on the last round to many times and it shows how a small trip can mess up your workout. I think 50 reps is a good number for most athletes to try and achieve. But If you do struggle with double unders lower the number you are aiming to achieve. Be sensible and try to work on the skill.

You can also increase or decrease the number of double unders that you are going to do based on how good you are at double unders and how long you want to be working out for. Have fun with this workout and try your best to maintain a good number of double under and keep moving on the thrusters. This is a great workout and a chance to challenge your cardio.

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