Workout Wednesday - Testing Your Pacing

This week I have done a lot of good workouts that could have been used for workout Wednesday. With the weather being nice and the back garden gym on point It means that I have been able to work out every day and develop my fitness.

So from the workouts I have done this week, I have chosen a spicey 8 rounds triplet that. This does have pull ups in so If you don't have access to a rig I will give you some other options to do instead.

The workout was:

8 Rounds for Time

12 Pull Ups

15 Dumbbell Snatches 22.5/15kg

18 Double Unders

This workout is a great test of your ability to pace. Because it has simple movements it means that you can always move you just have to make yourself. The rep scheme works really well with the movements as well because they push the comfortable volumes of reps that makes sure you are challenged into the later rounds of the workout.

When approaching this workout you want to set off with the breaks that you would take later on if pull ups are a problem break them up from the beginning and do comfortable sets. If the dumbbell snatches blow up your back manage your sets earlier on. The goal is to be fast on transitions and minimise rest between sets.

when going into this workout. aiming for 2 minutes a round would be a comfortable pace to move at and should be manageable for most people. If you are trying to push yourself 1 minute 30 a round would be a good pace to move. This would mean that you finish at about 12 minutes. To complete a round at a fast pace takes about 1 minute to 1 minute 10 seconds. So if you complete 1 minute 30 a round you have a spare 20 seconds of transition time.

In terms of scaling options, for the pull ups there can be replaced with bent-over rows if you have a dumbbell. If you don't have a dumbbell then you can do lat raises, this can be done by laying on your back, placing your hands under a sofa and raise your body off the floor and lower back down. Keep the reps the same and challenge yourself to keep moving. With this change to the pull ups, round times will be a bit longer but don't rush the scaling options.

For the snatches, make sure you pick a weight that you think you could do all sets unbroken. This could be done with water jugs, water bottle or anything with a bit of weight you don't always need a dumbbell to get the same outcome. The double under can be changed to single under but loopy singles. Keep the reps the same and focus on having control over the rope, that's the only way you will learn double unders. If you don't have a rope then you can substitute these for toe touch star jumps.

My approach to this workout was a little off what I should have done. I started hot and couldn't hold on towards the last 3 rounds. I am known for having terrible lower back endurance, It is a part of my game that I am working on and getting better at but dumbbell snatches always have a way of getting to me and this was no different. On round 6 my back was really starting to go and meant that I had a longer break in the transitions to the dumbbell snatches than I should have had.

Because of this, I ended up with a time of 14.20. This is a respectable time but I feel that I could have done better with a better approach to the workout and attacked my strengths more. If you think you can beat my time give this workout a try and smash my time.

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