Workout Wednesday - This One Hits Hard!

This workout hits like a train from out of know where!

Its very simple, all it is is 4 movements 2 times through with a 20-minute time cap.

When you put it like that it makes it all seem easy breezy but that is not the case. I fell into the trap of thinking that this workout would be a chance to push and get all of the movements unbroken and o boy was I wrong!

The work out is:

2 rounds for time

50 Dumbbell snatches 22.5/15kg

50 Down ups

50 Double under

50 Dumbbell thrusters 22.5/15kg

20-minute time cap

If this was a one-round workout then it would be a sprint and that's the attitude I had going into the WOD with 2 rounds. I set off with an unbroken set of DB snatches and dropped straight into the down ups. the double under where a breeze. But then the thrusters hit hard. I did the thrusters as 4 sets of 10, 2 sets of 5 just to break it up evenly between the arms. I tried to slow down the thrusters a bit to bring down the heart rate.

Getting back into the second round was tough. I am know for having a bit of a glass lower back and I could feel it on those dumbbell snatches. I broke them into sets of 15, 10,10,15. Breaking it up like this just gave my back a chance to recover while kipping the sets down a bit. But by this point my rest times where getting a bit to long. Then going into the down ups it was just head down and slowly crank through them. And in the last 45 seconds or so I managed to fit in an unbroken set of double under just under the time cap.

My time breakdown where. I finished round one at 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Then the dumbbell snatches on the second set took nearly 5 minutes just from the state my back was in. the last set of burpees took me up to 19.15 ish and had a transition over to the rope and got all 50 double unders just under the time cap.

The plan is to do this WOD again in a few weeks time and see if I can get it all in under the time cap. Next time I want to change my approach a little to try and improve my time and keep my back in one piece for longer.

My recommendation is to keep the dumbbell snatches unbroken if you have good lower back endurance. Depending on how I feel on the day I might break it into a 30 and 20. The goal for the burpees is to keep moving through them and have a consistent steady pace. with the double under 50 is a small set really to keep them unbroken. The thrusters are where the biggest changes will be. I think I will plan to do the first two sets as 15's and the second 2 as 10's this will reduce the rest time in total and get bigger chunks done.

The hard part about the thrusters is how your shoulders feel. The legs feel fine as its not a very squat heavy workout but going from down ups to double unders and into the thrusters is hard on the shoulders. I recommend you try and increase cycle speed on the thrusters just to reduce time under tension on the shoulders.

On the second round the back is tight. The hard part for me Is keeping the rest short on the snatches. By this point you are breathing hard but not hard enough where you cant move. This is the point where you have to embrace the muscular pain and try your best to keep the rests short. This is where you will make or break your time for this WOD. If you can keep moving through the movements then you have a good chance to get the second round in.

The down ups just need to stay consistent and stay moving and like last round get the double unders unbroken. The last lot of thrusters is purely down to your ability to embrace pain. If you have a 2 minute window left them you have a chance to finish the workout. It will just suck.

In terms of scaling the movements are mostly very simple. For the dumbbell, movements drop the weight down if you struggle with the prescribed weights. For the double unders if you struggle with them, replace these with loopy single unders. If you just do speed double unders you will not progress to get full double unders as quickly.

If you fancy giving this WOD ago, it would be great if you post your scores in the comments. I can definitely recommend it and it is a doable workout for most people in quarantine at the moment if you have a dumbbell with you.

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