The Programs

This is the home of all the programs that we have available. If you want to build specific strengths or skill, or just need your own personal programing this is the place to be.

Pull-up Program

The pull-up program is designed to help you get your first pull up in 8 weeks. This is not a guarantee that you will get a pull-up but will build your strength to have the best chance possible. You will also get the pull-up program permanently so if you are unsuccessful your first time around you can always go again.

RX Program

The RX Program is for athletes that are looking to challenge their ability and develop all aspects of fitness. along with this you will get the change to practice and learn high-level skills like muscle-ups and handstand walking. This program gives you 4 sessions to complete every week that you can fit around your routine. 

6 Week Olympic 

This Program is designed to be a fun and technical weightlifting program. It will deliver 4 sessions a week for 6 weeks involving Lifting, Strength work and accessories. This program will get you thinking about your movements and lifts while developing your overall strength in the snatch and clean and jerk.

Elite Program

Coming soon


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