Remote Programming £40

Remote Programming is a format that allows us to create a program specially made you to help you achieve your goals. With the remote programming, you will get 4 to 5 sessions a week (Based on your time scale.) Where your goals will specifically be targeted to get the most out of your training. Along with your sessions, you will be able to contact your personal coach by Whatsapp and get the chance to have a weekly voice calls at a time that suits you to discuss the program and how it is going for you. Along with this, you will be able to send videos to get reviewed and analysed to give tips on lifting, movement patterns and workout tempo. 

Sessions will be delivered by google docs and will be sent over as a complete block so that you can look through the program and ask any questions about your sessions before you get into them. You will be able to make notes on the program it's self and log your scores and shares your opinions on workouts so that your coach can deliver the best sessions for you and potentially mix up your programming during your week if problems occur and sessions need to be adapted.

If you are interested in remote programming or have any questions about how it will work and you want a chance to join our team of remote athletes, contact or use our contact form.


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